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Deputy Minister University Champion Initiative

The Deputy Minister University Champion Initiative is aimed at strengthening linkages between the Government of Canada and Canadian universities. The strategy is designed to support robust and relevant public administration education and research so that the federal public service has access to leading ideas and theories, a new generation of public administration scholars and new employees who are well-educated in modern public management.


As the public service enters a new period of public management reform, it is crucial that the institution be staffed by those who are well versed in modern financial and human resource management, the theory and practice of responsible government and the highest standards of values and ethics. It is believed that a strengthened relationship with the university sector can help secure access to this knowledge and create benefits for the public service. To this end, the Deputy Minister University Champion Initiative was launched in 2002.

Deputy Minister University Champions undertake a variety of projects in order to

Role of Deputy Minister University Champions

Deputy Ministers have flexibility in terms of how they exercise their role in strengthening the linkages between the public service and universities. However there are some clear best practices, as outlined below:


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